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(un)printed magazine

What is (un)printed? 

(un)printed is the magazine where art meets purpose.

The idea for the (un)printed magazine arose very naturally, although (un)printed is not quite your usual magazine.

(un)printed is my own photo catalog dedicated to visual inspiration, where I've put together my ideas and recent work in the field of photography (mostly commercial photography).


I wanted to showcase imagery that embodies my signature style: captivating, feminine, and ephemeral.

I wanted to return to the previous projects and remind myself of the photos and even whole photoshoots that had been lost in the abundance.

I wanted to create something that is simply beautiful. Something that would draw one into a feminine, sweet, even sticky, and mesmerizing world. Into the world as I see it.

I wanted the photos not to get lost in the plethora of social networks but to be accessible whenever one wants "something tasty".

I also want to believe that you too will sometimes return to be inspired and gather ideas.

The free online version of the magazine is available online.

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